💜🐼11682 LBS🐼💜

Wow I was way off on my guesstimation of how much food we helped to raise for the Kawartha Food Share! The only part I was right about was that it was somewhere over the 5000 LB mark. In total, we raised over 11600 LBS of food just by standing out front of the SuperstoreContinue reading “💜🐼11682 LBS🐼💜”

What a great Easter.

First off. If you’re reading this and are not following @pandafeedscanada on Instagram. Or following “Panda Feeds Canada” on Facebook. Please be sure to take a moment of your day and follow me on both platforms if you can, Thanks a lot❤️ Well that was a lot of fun out there this weekend! I handedContinue reading “What a great Easter.”