Insert company logo here when its ready drew!

So this is my first ever interview for my platform.

I was a little nervous off the start as you can tell! This interview taught me a lot of lessons about being able to clearly explain my platform to others and to make sure I am prepared better for the next one.. And I will be ready!

I was very fortunate to have Smart Cherry Thoughts personally message me and ask if I would like an interview! I JUMPED AT THE OPPURTUNITY and went for it!

Please check out this link if you would like to see just how normal of a guy I am and see what I am all about.

I am currently working to improve my website to be more appealing. However I am only a one man team and the bulk of my energy will be designated to the Instagram pages growth @pandafeedscanada Eventually I want to get a FB page going but I am focusing on the Instagram page as of now!

Thanks for reading, Andrew Pandabear Parnell

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