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Up and Running!

So excited to have officially started a website that is gonna help to feed hundreds of thousands people across our great country! I’m really hoping in a short time we can brag about donating our ONE MILLIONTH DOLLAR to food banks across Canada! This is the start of something big. This is the start of a better tomorrow. This is the start, and only the start. Sincerely, Pandabear (02/25/2021)

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Welcome to Panda Feeds Canada!

Our goal here is simple. Feed the hungry!

With every Like, Comment, and repost through social media. You help to generate real changes in your surrounding community, and across the nation.

Did you know that for every 1000 followers you have over 100000 on social media, you can generate up to *$100 a post! So at 4 posts a day times 365 days a year.. That is approximately *$146000 raised for hungry tummies across the country, by simply liking, commenting on, and sharing our social media content. Let that sink in for a moment… Now imagine the difference we could make with 1000000 followers! Now that’s something you can feel good about sharing on your social media platforms!

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