What a great Easter.

Well that was a lot of fun out there this weekend! I handed out so many brown paper bags. You would have thought it was going out of style. WRONG! Its gonna become the new “thing”. I haven’t received official confirmation on the quantity of food donated through the bag it up promotion and the Real Canadian Superstore. But I personally feel it has to be somewhere over the 5000 lb mark! Wearing the panda suit was really fun and the kids loved it! Nothing better than helping a kid smile and laugh! I wish my back wasn’t in such bad shape or I would have been doing cartwheels and dancing up a storm for them.

But anyways I’ll try and be on here a bit more in the coming weeks to renovate this disastrous webpage that’s is my website right now. I know it needs some work badly, but I’m not the most tech savvy guy. But if you’re reading this and are experienced in building webpages and are willing to help out… Please contact me on either of my social media platforms or through email at Pandafeedscanada@hotmail.com. That would be truly amazing if someone could help me out a bit as I am extremely busy and find I can achieve more for them if I focus my energy else where.

Also sorry I haven’t been on here to do whatever it is I’m doing on here. Blogging? Not worrying about the website too much as of right now! Like I’ve mentioned before I just wanted own my domain name and have this ready to go when needed! Which is like now or even a week ago!

Momma Bear helping me out ❤️

Published by pandafeedscanada

Just a construction worker who is trying to make a difference! I am very blessed to have been raised in such a loving community. I wanna make everyone proud of what we can accomplish together if stick with it and keep grinding away! There is no limit to how far we can take this thing. As long as I give it my best efforts to ensure this helps those in need... WE WILL SUCCEED, AND WE WILL FEED THE HUNGRY!!

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