What A Weekend!

Wow! What a weekend! We hit over 1000 Followers and started a great donations project!

We hand made over 100 @pandafeedscanada donations bags and I was able to hand out around 75 of them. At an average of 3 lbs. of food per bag… My followers were able to donate about 225 pounds of food to the Peterborough and surrounding area! That is incredible! We are already starting to make a difference here at Panda Feeds Canada.

I had a wonderful follower by the name of Tracy, who is a co worker and friend of my girlfriends. She hosts a online broadcast every saturday and decided to donate her earnings to a food bank to help out the cause! Tracy and I found a great food bank to donate her money to! A Thunder Bay Food bank that reaches out as far as the area of France! I had a great talk with the Manager and operator of the Food bank. He explained how far they take the food by Ice roads and helicopter! He explained some of the struggles in getting the food up to those in need… I was blown away by what he was saying! They need our help and they need it now!

Published by pandafeedscanada

Just a construction worker who is trying to make a difference! I am very blessed to have been raised in such a loving community. I wanna make everyone proud of what we can accomplish together if stick with it and keep grinding away! There is no limit to how far we can take this thing. As long as I give it my best efforts to ensure this helps those in need... WE WILL SUCCEED, AND WE WILL FEED THE HUNGRY!!

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