What a great Easter.

Well that was a lot of fun out there this weekend! I handed out so many brown paper bags. You would have thought it was going out of style. WRONG! Its gonna become the new “thing”. I haven’t received official confirmation on the quantity of food donated through the bag it up promotion and the Real Canadian Superstore. But I personally feel it has to be somewhere over the 5000 lb mark! Wearing the panda suit was really fun and the kids loved it! Nothing better than helping a kid smile and laugh! I wish my back wasn’t in such bad shape or I would have been doing cartwheels and dancing up a storm for them.

But anyways I’ll try and be on here a bit more in the coming weeks to renovate this disastrous webpage that’s is my website right now. I know it needs some work badly, but I’m not the most tech savvy guy. But if you’re reading this and are experienced in building webpages and are willing to help out… Please contact me on either of my social media platforms or through email at Pandafeedscanada@hotmail.com. That would be truly amazing if someone could help me out a bit as I am extremely busy and find I can achieve more for them if I focus my energy else where.

Also sorry I haven’t been on here to do whatever it is I’m doing on here. Blogging? Not worrying about the website too much as of right now! Like I’ve mentioned before I just wanted own my domain name and have this ready to go when needed! Which is like now or even a week ago!

Momma Bear helping me out ❤️

Golf Tournament Hole Sponsors

If you are interested in sponsoring a hole for the 2nd Annual Panda Feeds Canada fundraiser gold tournament, in support off the Kawartha Food Share. Please Contact me through one of the following options.

Email – PandaFeedsCanada@hotmail.com

Phone – 705-868-8417

Directly message Panda Feeds Canada on Instagram or Facebook today.

Hole Sponsors are starting at $75 this year. Your sponsorship includes a sign and tax receipt from the Kawartha Food Share. Tax receipts will be emailed to your provided email after the tournament on June 4th! More information can be found on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns!

Been a while🐼

Hey everyone. Its been a while since I have been on this page. I just don’t have time to build this website. Nor do I really know how to do so.

Really just focused on the social media platforms right now with Instagram and Facebook being my main two.

I don’t really have much to say other then I am worried that the golf tourney is going to be pushed back or maybe even cancelled. This was gonna be a big win win for everyone involved. I really hope everything gets back to normal-ish soon because the lockdown is putting everything on hold for me and Panda Feeds Canada!

Not giving up. And staying very dedicated and active though… The followers are not coming in and out of the 50-75 messages I send a day. I am very lucky to get 1 or 2 follows. But every so often you come across a person who is just in love with the idea and gets heavily involved 💜🐼

Anyways,, that’s it for this blog post. Working on getting a deal done to do a food drive out at the Foodland in Lakefield! Cant wait to get back to handing out the bags and spreading the word on Panda Feeds Canada!! I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by to see what’s going on in Pandas world.

💜🐼11682 LBS🐼💜

Wow I was way off on my guesstimation of how much food we helped to raise for the Kawartha Food Share! The only part I was right about was that it was somewhere over the 5000 LB mark. In total, we raised over 11600 LBS of food just by standing out front of the Superstore asking people to donate! I would really like to see the look on the one mans face who harassed and doubted my integrity… LOL 😂

Anyways. I just wanted to blog a little. As I’ve mentioned before this is just a blog and place where I have reserved my domain name. For any and all information contact me via my social media platforms please and thank you.

Instagram: @pandafeedscanada

Facebook: Panda Feeds Canada

Twitter: @pandafeedsCA

TikTik: @pandafeedscanada

What A Weekend!

Wow! What a weekend! We hit over 1000 Followers and started a great donations project!

We hand made over 100 @pandafeedscanada donations bags and I was able to hand out around 75 of them. At an average of 3 lbs. of food per bag… My followers were able to donate about 225 pounds of food to the Peterborough and surrounding area! That is incredible! We are already starting to make a difference here at Panda Feeds Canada.

I had a wonderful follower by the name of Tracy, who is a co worker and friend of my girlfriends. She hosts a online broadcast every saturday and decided to donate her earnings to a food bank to help out the cause! Tracy and I found a great food bank to donate her money to! A Thunder Bay Food bank that reaches out as far as the area of France! I had a great talk with the Manager and operator of the Food bank. He explained how far they take the food by Ice roads and helicopter! He explained some of the struggles in getting the food up to those in need… I was blown away by what he was saying! They need our help and they need it now!

Who am I?

Well for starters my real name is Andrew Parnell. I am from Peterborough, Ontario. I’m currently a construction worker in the GTA, working as a pipe layer for a company called Fernview! I’ve always tried my best to be as helpful to those who are less fortunate than myself. I’ve always wanted to help people! But I didn’t know how to make a big impact while trying to make that change. Now here we are, PANDA FEEDS CANADA! An Instagram page that is dedicated to helping Canadians living with Food Insecurity by generating revenue through Sponsors and Advertisements. We just got to get over 10000+ followers first! Now this is not something I came up with overnight… This is an idea I have been working on for a little while now and I’m finally taking the steps necessary to help those in need!           

If you’re reading this. This is my promise to you. I will not give up on this. I will not let any obstacles get in my way. And I will never stop fighting for those in need! You either need to lead, follow, or get out of the way. I am choosing to lead. All that I ask is that you Follow! Together we can make a serious change. And that is something you can feel good about sharing on your social media. Please follow @pandafeedscanada

Gaining Momentum!

March 8th, 2021. 10:55pm EST

Wow! I can’t believe the response I have received over the first 11 full days of @pandafeedscanada. We’ve almost hit 1000 followers (Currently at 830) and we are showing no signs of slowing down. I just spent the last half hour speaking with a incredible young man from India who hosts a YouTube channel called “www.smartcherrythoughts.com”. Tomorrow we will be hosted on his podcast for a brief 5-10 minute segment!

This is a lot of first for me as I have never kept a blog or done a Podcast! I’m excited about this opportunity with Smart Cherry and I hope it goes well!

Thanks for reading, Andrew “Pandabear” Parnell

Hit 500 Followers Today!

Wow what an exciting day for Panda Feeds Canada! We hit over 500 followers on before March 3rd, 2021. This helped to secure a WIN in a fun little challenge that a life long friend challenged me to! We were able to turn his $100 dollar donation into a $200 dollar donation by hitting 500 amazing followers by the end of March 3rd… I am still so thankful I am able to call this man my friend.. Scratch that. I am still so thankful to call this man my brother! If you’re reading this Nate and Cait. I love you, you are irreplaceable in my heart. And thank you for all your continued support, and positive vibes. Thanks for believing in myself. I thank you, but more importantly your community thanks you for your generosity!

If you are reading this and have not yet had the chance to check out my Instagram profile, please do so now! @pandafeedscanada would love to have your support in fighting hunger across this great country we are all privileged to call HOME!

Sincerely, Pandabear Parnell (03/03/2021)